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La Volpe Boxers

More Wishbone Info:










Ch. Gold Medal's

Limited Edition






Ch. Brettendale's Gold Medal, SOM



Ch. Brettendale's Stampede, SOM

Am. Can. Ch. Donessle's Cassino, SOM

Ch. Paragons Night Shade


Ch. Hollycrest's Edens Express

Ch. Brettendale's Saga of Karalot

Hollycrest's Serpentine





Ch. Santi Me Jet Setter


Ch. Heldenbrand's

Jet Breaker, SOM

Ch. Heldenbrand's Heart Breaker, SOM

Heldenbrand's Jetta Jovina

Ch. Brettendale's

Sidekik Karalot, DOM

Ch. Brettendale's Stampede, SOM

Brettendale's Susannah





Madam Sugar and



Boxin' Buster O'Rieley Brown

Dexter Duke O'Riley Woolley

Brutus Deutsche Mark

Murphy Seto Brown


Sadie Belle Blues

Box-Car's Necromancer

Taylor Cinnamon Spice



Jasmine Samantha



Savage's Power Max

Ch. Gerhard's Miracle Maker

Webster's Jubilee Joy

Savage's Missy Maude

Savage's Dangerous Danny

Ron's Racee Lacey

Pedigree for La Volpe's Wild Ride



Sire...Ch. Gold Medal's Limited Edition, NA, NAJ, AG1

Dam...Madam Sugar and Spice

Height at withers...21 1/2  inches

Weight...48 lbs.

Haws...Two Dark

Registration #...WP915373/03

Date Whelped...04/24/1999

Breeders...Tammy V. Pitsenbarger and Craig Fox

Owners...Tammy V. Pitsenbarger and Craig Fox

Health...OFA Good, Thyroid Normal (Michigan State), ECG Normal (Cardiopet)


Number of Litters produced...0

Number of Champions produced as of 04/24/2001...0


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